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Is your car suffering from overheating problems?

Is the temperature gauge getting close to red?

Is your radiator leaking?

TAKE IT TO THE EXPERTS as your radiator might need to be repaired, cleaned out or replaced. At Barossa Radiators, we offer radiator repairs by qualified technicians. If the radiator needs to be replaced / cleaned out the systematic process begins with a leak detection, followed by removal of radiator, then Powerflush the engine block removing the old coolant and any loose debris completing the cleanout. The next step is either the installation of new radiator or clean out radiator. Once installation is complete, the cooling system will be filled with either quality corrosion or anti-freeze / anti – boil clean.


An automotive vehicle’s cooling system requires regular servicing and maintenance throughout the year, not just in the hot summer months. It is advisable to have the cooling system flushed and coolant replaced at least once (removed the word ‘in’) every two years. Not only does it ensure you have a smooth travel, but it also maintains the optimal performance of your car or vehicle’s radiator

Barossa Radiators offer expert radiator installations, repairs and maintenance services. From diagnosis to repairs, clean-out to replacement / re-coring and with over 40 years of experience within the industry we can repair and service radiators and cooling systems in all vehicles, makes and models. We can help you get back on the road in minimum time.

This depth of experience and range of services enables us to build and execute systems and processes that are in alignment with the latest technological advancements in the field of automotive radiators and heat-exchange. From installation and re-coring of radiators to the repair and replacement, to heating and cooling system checks and maintenance.

When you choose us for your vehicle’s radiator repair and maintenance, you benefit not only from the expertise of our skills in diagnosing the faults in your cooling systems, but also from the friendly advice enhancing the efficiency of your radiator.


At Barossa Radiators, we stock and use the best quality radiators and spare parts from leading national brands. All our radiators have a 2 year warranty and are tested for quality and compliance to industry- regulated standards to give you a smooth motoring experience and provide a same day service where possible.

Please call us for a no-obligation, free quote if:

  • Car suffering from overheating problem
  • Is the temperature gauge getting close to red?
  • Radiator leaking
  • You are looking for routine maintenance of your vehicle’s radiator or cooling system
  • You are going on a vacation and need to get your vehicle checked for any possible heating
    or cooling system failures
2 year radiator Warranty
Automotive Cooling

Automotive Cooling

Barossa Radiators provide a full automotive cooling service from

  • New Radiator Replacement
  • Repairs
  • Clean-Outs
  • Recoring
  • Modifications
  • Powerflush Coolant Systems
Automotive Cooling - Radiator Clean- Outs

Automotive Cooling – Radiator Clean- Outs

By doing this, it will remove all the debris that is blocking the tubes

Our radiator cleaning service is a 5 – step process including:

  • Inspecting the radiator for leaks
  • Remove tank / tanks sand blast (brass tanks)
  • Rod out radiator, which will give you a percentage of how blocked the radiator is
  • Replace tank / tanks
  • Pressure tested and paint
Automotive Cooling - Radiator Re - coring

Automotive Cooling – Radiator Re – coring

Barossa Radiators will remove the tanks and side mounting brackets from your old radiator and sand blast and refit them to the new core.

Automotive Cooling - Heaters

Automotive Cooling – Heaters

We offer repair and replacements of car heater cores. Barossa Radiators stock and supply heater cores as a perfect -fit replacement for almost all makes and models of cars. All our heaters cores adhere to industry guidelines for safety and quality, and come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty Automotive.

Automotive Cooling – Powerflushing Coolant System

Automotive Cooling – Powerflushing Coolant System

We can Powerflush engine blocks, radiators, heaters, pressure test cooling system, inspect for leaks, checking hoses, cap and heater tap. This will remove the old coolant and any loose debris, then replaced with a quality corrosion inhibitor or Anti- Freeze / Anti- Boil coolant. Barossa Radiators will send a friendly reminder to let you know when your next Powerflush is due.

Automotive Cooling - Pressure Testing

Automotive Cooling – Pressure Testing

Our pressure testing of cooling system helps in detecting coolant leaks from the radiator.

This enables us to diagnose the extent of damage and determine whether the radiator needs to be repaired or replaced

We offer a FREE 12 POINT cooling system check

Performance Vehicles

Performance Vehicles

Our radiator experts examine your vehicle’s entire cooling system and consider any engine modifications to recommend the most suitable high-performance radiator configuration. Upgrade options will be discussed to deliver the optimum cooling performance and desired appearance.

High performance car radiators can receive various custom modifications including changes to the new number of rows, fin pitch, tank design and finishes. Classic cars can have a copper brass re-core or a complete assembly replacement for their high performance radiator.

Vintage / Custom-Build Radiators

Vintage / Custom-Build Radiators

Barossa Radiators service for all cars ranging from the high-performance sports cars to luxury sedans, commercial, Vintage cars and trucks.

Additionally, we can also custom design a radiator to suit the specific needs of your vehicle. If there is a radiator or cooling system replacement part that is not in stock with us, we can arrange it for you in minimum time frame, given our wide network of supplies.

Air-Conditioning Parts / Cooling System Parts

Air-Conditioning Parts / Cooling System Parts

Barossa Radiators are able to supply the following air-conditioning components to suit most vehicles

  • Condenser
  • Dryers
  • EGR coolants
  • Intercooler
  • Compressor
  • evaporator
Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Due to the large size of heavy and agricultural machinery, faulty radiators are typically removed and brought in separately to the workshop for repairs If the radiator requires a re-core, the size is carefully measured and recorded
along with other details, so an accurate quote can be provided.

Depending on the machinery’s application and environment, options for enhanced performance or durability upgrades can be offered.

Once the quote is approved by the customer, new component parts are sourced and fitted.

A final test is then carried out on the reassembled radiator to confirm everything is in working order.

4WD / SUV Radiator Specialists

4WD / SUV Radiator Specialists

When we select a new radiator for your 4WD, we take the intended driving conditions and any engine modifications into consideration. Our experts can suggest various options that can provide extra cooling performances to you vehicle.

For extra cooling, a radiator can be specified with more rows, or upgraded to a full alloy performance radiator, aftermarket and plastic aluminum radiators are available for installing on modern vehicles.

Copper brass re-cores and complete assembly replacement radiators can also be selected even if the original radiator has a different construction.

Automotive – style brass core radiators can be fitted to 4WD’s to help them cope with corrosive environments.